The Power of Irreverence

Sometimes challenging what we think we know, or pretend to know, has a power all its own.

If you’ve watched half as many TED talks as we have, you’ve noticed several common themes and techniques — some might call them TED tricks — repeated again and again. The dark stage with a single spotlight. The opening line that seems slightly random, yet arresting. The pregnant pauses meant to suggest thoughtful wisdom. All intended to foster immediate connection with the audience.

In this TED talk about TED talks, Yael Zinkow dissects our worship at the alter of TED with incisive humor. Watch it through more than once, and we predict you’ll never look at TED quite the same way again. Kind of like the hot crush you have on the guy next door, until you see him after one too many beers at the block party.

Pull back the curtain and tell us what you think. Is your crush on TED cooling?

Rachel ZahnComment