Rachel Zahn, MD

Through the experience of medical training and practice, Rachel became deeply interested in neurodevelopment and the formation of empathy in children and adults. She later redirected her career to impact children’s wellness and welfare in the Foster Care System. Over more than a decade of nonprofit leadership as both Executive Director and Board member, she’s guided organizations that make a difference.

Rachel’s commitment to the power of message began when she successfully competed for funding with over thirty nonprofit leaders in a “pitch” contest. Her coach was Betsy Jacobson. 

ForAffect blends all of Rachel’s professional and life experience, and the toolbox she and Betsy have developed offers individuals and organizations greater power to create positive change.

Betsy Jacobson

For over 25 years, Betsy has been personally and professionally committed to organizational learning and improvement. She is a social scientist and the published author of several articles on Leadership, Personal Change, and Communications. Betsy Jacobson and Associates provides a wide range of consulting, coaching and customized training services to for profit and not-for-profit organizations around the globe.

The co-founder of ForAffect, she works closely with directors, fundraisers, executives and managers teaching skills to create a powerful message of influence.  The work of ForAffect brings together her years of experience with companies like Apple Computer, Citi Group and The World Food Program. She is excited to work more closely with individuals who want to perfect their capacity to inspire.

A Powerhouse Duo

Betsy and Rachel’s enthusiasm is contagious, with a self-deprecating sense of humor that engages immediately. Their clients get direct and compassionate feedback on the message they want to create to have impact. 

Together, they will quickly grasp the uniqueness of who you are and what you do.  Their different backgrounds and points of view bring rich perspective on creative and engaging ways to approach your audience. They are message makers. Truly passionate about the work, they share a love of words and the emotions they evoke.

When you and your words are authentic and in sync, your message has power. This is the DNA of messaging.