We work with nonprofit leaders, for-profit executives, and start-up entrepreneurs who want to hone their message and elevate their impact. A few examples …

The Karen Organization develops innovative programs to connect Burmese refugees with their traditions and provide a critical source of income and independence.  We worked with the Karen leadership to raise confidence, design their message, and increase visibility to the funding community. Since working with ForAffect, the organization has rapidly expanded their services and their budget.

Restaurant Entrepreneur, Zane Caplansky had an aggressive business plan for franchise expansion, and needed to attract partners who would share his dream.   We helped him identify investor groups and target his message for each. Zane has now successfully funded this new venture.

Online Marketing Consultant, David H., needed a sure-fire message for a real estate sales staff. ForAffect shifted his focus to the needs of the audience, and Dave learned the difference between telling listeners what you want them to hear, and asking what they need to know. He now uses ForAffect principles in his work with other start-ups.

Former female inmates volunteering for a peer-mentoring program crafted video messages to introduce and encourage soon-to-be-released inmates to support services in the community. Inspiring personal stories, combined with real world experience and direct application of ForAffect principles, helped to make each one compelling.


Clients Say

I thought I knew a lot about developing a strong effective message, but Betsy and Rachel, and the ForAffect method, showed me the power of story to make a real connection.  My experience with ForAffect has changed how I communicate overall. Life gets better and better.
The mentoring program for women inmates at Welcome Home Ministries was the opportunity I needed to rebuild my life after years of incarceration. The ForAffect workshop they sponsored gave me greater self-confidence and taught me how to use my own experience to help change the path for other women coming out. Betsy and Rachel, I can’t thank you enough!
— Annie B, Project Manager, Welcome Home Ministries
I’m a strong communicator and didn’t expect the ForAffect process to be as transformative as it was. Understanding not just what to say and how to say it, but how it will be heard was a game changer. Wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who has a point to make.
Thank you so much Rachel and Betsy. I submitted my college application today. I had to write a little story about myself and my challenges. Thanks to your training, I was able to articulate and tell my story in a simple but powerful short essay. Thank you for being a part of my journey. You ladies are amazing!
— Shelby R, Student