Idols and Mortals




Warren Buffet, Malala, Steve Jobs.  They blow us away with their vision.  We think it must be in their DNA, when in fact everyone has a message that matters and can learn to Engage, Inspire and Transform.

It’s all about creating an authentic emotional connection. It’s capturing where the listener is coming from. It’s being willing to develop those muscles.

Warren Buffet crafted a message of economic generosity when he inspired billionaires to commit their fortunes for the greater good.

Malala risked her life to make us understand that education for women is not negotiable.

Steve Jobs inspired an entire industry to transform, and did it over and over again.

What turns mere mortals into cultural idols?

Get to know us and join us on this journey.  We don’t have the answers, but together we will uncover the iconic message that lives inside each of us. What’s your message?

Rachel ZahnComment